Get to Know Jetlid

Your Inter-Agency Service Platform!

Jetlid is your inter-institutional service platform that enables you to easily and reliably access products and services with high added value that your business may need. Thanks to the collaborations it has established with strong ties, Jetlid determines the most suitable solution for your needs among its business partners on your behalf and allows you to easily access these services. Jetlid provides the opportunity to reach the solution partner you are looking for, by working diligently and meticulously like the purchasing department of your business.

Our vision is to be Türkiye's largest inter-agency service platform.

Our mission can benefit all our stakeholders.

Our Indispensable Values


We believe that people are at the center of sales and marketing, not the product.


We work hard to achieve success.

Working with Fun

We do our job with passion and enjoyment.

Being a Team

We focus on achieving success as a team, not on individual achievements.


Honesty is the most important value of our business.


We produce works that will provide added value financially to all our stakeholders.

Benefit Oriented

We produce useful works for our customers, the companies we serve, our employees and all our stakeholders.

Our References

We would like to thank our customers, who we believe is an indicator of the quality and reliability of the service we provide, for choosing us.

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